March 4, 2019

Card Reading Course…

This course is for anyone who:

  • Wants to learn how to read angel cards, oracle cards, and tarot cards for themselves and others
  • Has a desire to deepen their connection with the angels
  • Seeks insight, inspiration, spiritual guidance, and wisdom from the angelic realms
  • Wants to develop and/or expand their intuitive skills so that they may feel more peace-of-mind when faced with important life situations or decisions
  • Wants to learn how to differentiate between, mundane, intuitive, and psychic readings
  • Would like to explore and practice mundane, intuitive, and psychic methods of tarot, angel, and oracle card reading
  • Enjoys learning and sharing with like-minded people in a safe and supportive environment
  • Optional: Wants to be a certified angel and tarot card reader via the International Association of Angel Practitioners (IAAP)
    • IAAP Certified Tarot & Angel Card Reader™


  • Mini guidebook included in PDF format: Beginner’s Easy Reference to Tarot Meanings & Spreads by Maria G Maas
  • Reference Chart for the Archangel Oracle Cardsby Maria G Maas in PDF format
  • Access to our private Facebook group for this course.

Required materials (not included):

Note: The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck will be used for the examples in this course.

Optional: Any other tarot, angel oracle, or other type of oracle deck of your preference in addition to the required decks for this course as noted above.

What you will learn:

  • How to choose a deck
  • Creating sacred space
  • Clearing and blessing your deck
  • Grounding and shielding yourself from unwanted energies
  • How to store your deck
  • The difference between tarot, angel card, and oracle decks
  • The difference between mundane, intuitive, and psychic readings
  • How to connect with the angels to receive messages using the Archangel Oracle Cards
  • Who are the 15 archangels depicted in the Archangel Oracle Cards?
    • Which archangels are best suited to help you in different situations?
    • How to ask the archangels for guidance and/or assistance
  • How to improve your intuition by working with the archangels
  • Why tarot cards are just as safe to use as angel oracle cards
  • Basic traditional meanings of all 78 cards (Rider-Waite Tarot Deck)
  • Numerological and astrological associations in the tarot
  • Various ways to interpret the court cards in the tarot
  • The archangels in the tarot
  • How to use tarot cards for angel messages
  • How to structure questions
  • Sample spreads
  • A variety of ways you can use the Archangel Oracle Cards with tarot cards and other oracle decks
  • How to do a reading for yourself
    • Tarot Journaling
    • Tarot notation for journaling
  • How to do a reading for someone else
    • In-person, telephone, video-call, chat, email, etc.

Optional Certification Requirements:

  • Pass Quiz
  • Submit a Reading with Feedback
  • Pay Additional Certification Fee

Course Enrollment is Temporarily Closed
The Course is being revamped for 2020!
To get on the “Waiting List” Contact Maria:

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