I Like Dreaming! …”Wisdom of The Soul”

The “Wisdom of The Soul” Show, with Host Janice Fuchs, LCSW   …Connecting to Universal Love and Wisdom through your Connection to Your Soul!

I Like Dreaming!

The ego doesn’t like dreaming and sees it as a big waste of time. The ego will tell you dreams do not come true, and it only hurts you to think about what you may want because it will never happen.
The Soul energy loves dreams because it is the energy of creation, generating more of what you love. Daydreams or wonderful night dreams hold the clues to your happiness.
The Soul loves to explore with you in detail- what do you want and why do you want it? This is the stage for your dream. The actual how-to accomplish it is set aside for now because it usually shuts dreaming down and triggers the ego’s thoughts; it is not possible, and why bother.
Live more within your higher energy of fantastic dreams and see what you might find. Write the play of your dream and watch it over and over again. The feelings of delight will take form and spin-off into your reality. So many of our dreams have already come true, but there are so many more to behold.
Trust, your Soul energy will bring your cast to you; all you have to do is allow yourself to dream a little dream for YOU.

~ Love & Light, Janice

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