April 28, 2019

Charlotte Quarnberg

Charlotte Quarnberg is a Crystal Keeper, Angel Practitioner and Oracle Card Reader…

Charlotte has always had a great love for animals. Around 1994, she discovered animal communicators and was absolutely delighted that something like that was possible. That there was a way to talk to her beloved dogs. She started on a path of self learning.

In 2016 she met an amazing woman that did soul healing by going back thru many past lifes and finding where the road blocks she was dealing with now, originated. They became friends and the seed of knowledge about energy work was planted. She took her first energy class, intro to animal communication.

The fuse was well and truly lit and she has now completed courses by Kyle Gray, Ros Place and other prominent Oracle card and angel practitioners. Kyle introduced her to angels and that has been her driving passion since. She has trained in the use of pendulums and muscle testing, communicating with your guardian Angels, Tarot cards, EFT, NLP, and writing as a healing modality. She approaches her work with the angels from a place deep in her heart and finds helping people with their messages from their angels is the most rewarding thing she has ever done.

She has a degree in forest management and has great love and respect for nature. In her spare time she lives with her border collies and they work as a team managing her small flock of sheep. Through her progression into energy work, she discovered another love and passion, crystals.

She now owns and runs her crystal and angel work business Terra Souls. You can find her on Facebook at Terra Souls, where you can purchase Crystals as well as Angel Card Readings!

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