March 7, 2019

Connecting with Angels Workshop

New Reduced Price!

…..from Angelic Intuitive Energy Healer / Coach, and Angelic Channel: Catharine Han! ….A 5-part immersive Workshop, that was originally recorded over five days. This Video Series is connecting to the Angels in a way that uses our strongest “Clair” with the Angels helping us to know that they are there to guide us in our every day lives and we all can connect and receive messages in one way or another.

Day 1 we had Archangel Michael step forward for us and it was about clearing fears, doubts and other limiting beliefs
Day 2…Archangel Raphael and helped us with opening our heart chakra and connect to our truth
Day 3…Archangel Gabriel and about speaking our truth
Day 4…Archangel Uriel on our power and being confident within ourself
Day 5…Archangel Raziel and connecting to knowledge and wisdom

This Workshop originally sold for $47, but you can Grab It for JUST $27!

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