March 30, 2018

Dr. Rose Wilkerson, Ph.D.

Dr. Rose is the Host of our Friday Show, here on “Psychic Talk Radio”, and a Producer for the Network, as well. She is a Certified Life Coach, has a Ph.D. in linguistics, and has a love for Education, Spirituality, Language and Culture.

She has nearly 20 years teaching experience at various colleges and universities around the country. She is currently working as a program coordinator at the Pillai Center where she develops spiritual online courses based on ancient Vedic teachings and practices.

Dr. Rose has quite an eclectic spiritual background involving a few different spiritual traditions from chanting Sanskrit mantras to performing ceremonial magick rituals. Although her path has been exploratory, she has experience with New Orleans vodou, Ancient Egyptian spirituality, shamanic practices, and more.

She has a passion for mythology and loves to worship, invoke, and work with divine beings from different traditions. Despite Dr. Rose’s unique spiritual path, she uses her spiritual knowledge to help others create a better life.

Dr. Rose is currently a Pillai Center Facilitator and Coach, helping people to use ancient Vedic meditations and techniques for spiritual advancement…

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