March 2, 2019

Course Outline – Tarot by The Numbers….

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Module #1: Introduction to Tarot by The Numbers….

Module #2: Reading The Tarot – Part 1
Tarot Reading Basics
Tarot Spreads
The Elements & Timing

Module #3: Reading The Tarot – Part 2
The Court Cards
Reading Reversals …Why or Why Not?
Tarot Combinations

Module #4: Reading The Tarot – Part 3
Tarot Cross of Manifestation
Temperance and The Temprian Principal/Path

Module #5: Sacred Geometry
In the Beginning
Metatron’s Cube & The Flower of Life
The Tarot Connection

Module #6: The Numbers & Cards 0, 1’s, & 10’s
The Numbers
Zero – 0 – The Void
Number 1 Energy
The 10’s – Enhanced 1 Energy

Module #7: The Numbers & Cards 2’s, 3’s, 4’s & 5’s
Number 2 Energy
Number 3 Energy
Number 4 Energy
Number 5 Energy

Module #8: The Numbers & Cards 6’s, 7’s, 8’s & 9’s

Number 6 Energy
Number 7 Energy
Number 8 Energy
Number 9 Energy

Module #9: The Master Numbers & The Court Cards
Master Numbers
Master Number 11 – The Master Illuminator
Master Number 22 – The Master Builder
Master Number 33 – The Master Healer / Master Teacher
Master Number 44 – The Master Manifestor

Module #10 : The Number Groups
The Mind Numbers
The Business Numbers
The Creativity / Communication Numbers
Toxic / Challenge Numbers

Module #11: The Numerology Chart
Numerology Calculations
The Numerology Chart
The Life Path Number
The Attitude Number
The Birthday Number
The World Year (Universal) and Personal Year Numbers
The Personal Year Number
The Destiny Number
The Power Name Number
The Personality Number
The Soul Urge Number
The Intensity Number
Numerology Calculator Programs
Creating a Numerology Report

Wrap Up Video – to put it all together, discuss the optional certifications, and how to Apply, continuing education – The Tarot Guild, bonus materials that will be becoming available, and where to go from here!

Bonus Classes – There will also be bonus classes and materials on Angel Numbers (bonus module), “The Business of Tarot”, Pricing Your Services, Setting Up Your Business, Working Psychic Fairs, Working Psychic Lines/Website, and MORE!

Bonus Live Q&A – When first launched, the course included some of the Classes live and Live Q&A’s. For new students, we are scheduling monthly Live Q&A TeleConferences!

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