March 16, 2019

DeCode Your Life Path! Numerology….

Uncover important details about your Life, your strengths & weaknesses, tendencies and potentials …with a Full Numerology Report from Numerologist Dr. Dax Carlisle!

Discover Your Personal Year Number, for 2020 (…and 2019), and what that means, for a World Year Number of 4….

Your Name & Birth Date are NO Accident! Your Birth Date reveals your Life Path, Attitude Number, Birth Day Number and Personal Year Number. Your Name reveals your Destiny Number, Soul-Urge Number, Personality Number, Power Name Number and Intensity Number.

These Reports are hand-crafted by Dax – not machine-generated, like you find on the internet! These Custom Reports are delivered via email – but unlike those (supposedly) free machine-generated ones, you will be able to correspond with Dax and ask questions, get clarification, and further insights!

Order Yours TODAY!:

One Report Just $67!

……Or get Two (2) Reports for Just $77:

included with the 2-Report option is a FREE Compatibility Analysis. You can see the dynamics between You and anyone else! – your spouse, your BF / GF, your parents, your kids, relatives, friends, co-workers, your boss…. OR, just give one to a Friend!

PLEASE NOTE: For each Report, Dax will need the FULL Birth Name (as it appears on their birth certificates), their FULL Birth Date – including year, and the name they most commonly go by now (married name, shortened name, nick name)…..

Have Questions? Need Assistance? Contact Dax – Message on (“Send Message” Button – Fastest Way!) …or email:

Dax Also Has Available LIVE Sessions, Which Include Your Numerology FREE!

Visit Dax’s Page at:

Are You Interested in Numerology?

Check Out Dax’s Tarot by the Numbers™ Course! SO much more than a typical course on Tarot, The First & Only of It’s kind, Dax’s course includes Angels, Angel Numbers, Sacred Geometry, Tarot, Numerology. working with Numbers, Numerology Charts – all in a self-paced online course, with 11 Video Modules ….(optional) Become a Certified Numerologist and/or a Certified Tarot Reader (CTR)!

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