March 30, 2018

Show Notes

Information for Our Hosts:


Elements of a Show INTRO:

Intro Music Fades………

Welcome and Greet The Listeners……..

Show Title: “You’re listening to The “Soul Sisters” Show, on The Psychic Talk Radio Network!”

…Introduce yourself ….Introduce and Greet your Co-Host

….Call In Number: “We ARE a Live Call-In Show! Call us at: 714-816-4628!”

….Tell folks your “Topic” or “Guest”, and that you will be taking Calls

….Invite Live Listeners to Chat with you, during the show, on the Chat Post, at:

….Let international callers know they can can call in for FREE, via Skype, and that the SKYPE LINK can be found on the Live Page, at:

….Repeat Call in Number

Mid-Show Break:

Approx. 30 mins into your show – recommended announcements:

“It’s the bottom of the hour, so here are few quick announcements:”

You can find out about ALL the amazing episodes of the Shows on “Psychic Talk Radio” coming up this week at: Psychic-Talk-dot-net-slash-UPCOMING! (

Here are the Upcoming Shows this week:

(You can read the upcoming Shows, dates, times, hosts, and topics directly off the page, linked above)

Don’t forget to mention YOUR next episode!

Invite Listeners to Follow Us on Twitter: Psychic-Talk-dot-net-slash-TWITTER (

…and to come join our Public Group on Facebook at: Psychic-Talk-dot-net-slash-FACEBOOK ( …..Meet & Chat with our Hosts, discuss everything and ANYTHING “Psychic”, and discover Upcoming Shows and Past Episodes!

…Have you thought about Hosting your Own radio Show or Podcast? …Find out about the opportunities here at “Psychic Talk Radio” – Visit: Psychic-Talk-dot-net-slash-HOSTS (

…Invite Listeners to visit YOUR Pages –
Example: “If you’d like to contact Laura or I, or book a private Reading, visit our Host Pages at: and”

End-of-Show Announcements:

…Just before you sign off:

Re-Announce YOUR next episode, of your show (date/time/topic/guest)

Invite Listeners to catch the Next Show –
Example: “……..and be sure to catch Hosts Dax Carlisle and Mary Brown, as they discuss What’s a good Tarot Deck, tomorrow on “Tarot Insider”, her  on the “Psychic Talk Radio Network”! …11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern! Visit: to catch ALL our Upcoming Shows!”


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