March 20, 2018

Sue Schumacher

The year 2009 was a traumatic year for her as she lost both her mother and brother. This became what Susan describes as her true awakening – the pivotal moment that started her on the road to her new journey.

In 2012, her family was blessed with the birth of her first grandchild. After becoming a grandmother, Susan took her first mysticism course to become a Certified Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue, graduated in 2015 and started a small business. In 2016 she furthered her education taking a Psychic Development course along with Reiki Healing finishing out that year as an ordained minister.

In 2017, Susan finished all her courses in Reiki and became a Master. That same year, she became a practitioner in Soul Realignment learning how to read the Akashic records and is currently finishing her studies in mediumship with Charles Virtue.

In 2018, she is starting her studies in the healing modalities of Munay Ki, a Peruvian healing method dating back over 30,000 years originating from Siberia. Sue has been happily married for 30 years, and is based in Mesa, Arizona.

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