Communicate and Work With Your Angels!

They’re not Up There …They are right HERE ….In the un-seen realm of spirit! Your Angels are here, and communicate regularly with you; we often just don’t Hear them. You can learn how to ask for, receive and interpret their messages, and guidance, for yourself and others. …Your Angels want to Help, and ready to work with you!

Learn about your Angels, and how to communicate & work with them, with our Courses, at The International Association of Angel Practitioners (The I.A.A.P.). You can take our Courses just for you own education, and to live a more Rich and Abundant Life, or you can even become a Certified Angel Practitioner™, and work with Clients, to also enrich their Lives, and help them along their path…..

Our Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course is by Certified Master Angel Practitioner™ Maria G Maas, the author of Angel Practitioner Handbook: A Foundation Guide, and Host of the “Angelic Realms” show, here on the Psychic Talk radio network! ….With this course you will learn all about Your Angels, and communicating with and working with them.

This course will also help you boost your intuition, as well as identify and develop your psychic abilities. Optionally, if you want, you can also become a professional Certified Angel Practitioner™!

You can further your education, skills, and psychic development with our Angelic Mediumship Course™, by Licensed Psychotherapist & Master Medium Janice Fuchs!

You will learn traditional psychic mediumship, and further your psychic development, along with learning to work with the Angels, as a Medium! …Optionally, you can get certified as an Angelic Medium™!

…And go even deeper, with our Angelic Numerology & Tarot Course™, from Certified Tarot Master & Numerologist Dax Carlisle. Learn about Angel Numbers, Sacred Geometry, Numerology and Tarot …and even get certified as a Numerologist & Tarot Reader!

There are NO other courses like these available in the world, nor this comprehensive or affordable! They are all Self-Paced & Online, and Just $297 each! ….Together, they form a Masters Education in Angel-Work — PLUS, you can Enroll in ALL THREE, in our Master Practitioner Program, at a huge discount! …Just $444 for all 3, or $333 for Members of The I.A.A.P! …and you will Earn a 5th certification: Certified Master Angel Practitioner™!


Check Out the Individual Courses Here:

Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course

Angelic Mediumship & Mentoring™ Course

Angelic Numerology & Tarot™ Course

NOTE: Members of The I.A.A.P. can Enroll in the Individual Courses for HALF-OFF, Just $147 each — Find out More about our Membership at:

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