Attn: Astrologers! …Join Us as a Radio Host!

Astrology continues to be very popular, yet most people still know very little about it! We are looking for some Awesome Astrologers to join us as Hosts on the Psychic Talk Radio Network!

We would love to get two to three Astrologers together on a new show, dedicated to this Topic! ….If you already network with other Astrologers, then you could even line up a co-host or two from your own circle of friends / colleagues!

Alternatively, there is the opportunity to join us a Co-Host, on an already airing show, as our “Resident Astrologer”! …Did I mention being a Radio Host is a lot of Fun too!? 

If you are Great at what you do, and Love talking about Astrology, this is an awesome opportunity for you to be seen as “The Expert”, as a “Leader in Your Field”, and grow / expand your brand and business as well! You will be able to promote yourself and your services, products, etc. …and you keep 100% of any revenues!

Contact Executive Producer Dax Carlisle to find out more, get your questions answered, and to Get Started! Click “Send Message” on our Facebook Page: (Fastest Way!), or email:

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