Are You a Life Coach? …Tarot Readers …Psychics

So you are a “Psychic”, a “Tarot Reader”, “Reiki Master”, “Angel Card Reader”, “Medium” …But are you a Life Coach?? …I argue you probably already ARE one, but just don’t “label” yourself as such – and now a days, this is what many of our clients are actually looking for / expecting us to be!

Two Little Known Facts About Life Coaching:

  1. No matter what your primary modalities is: Psychic, Reader, Hypnotherapist, et-al ….Becoming a Certified Life Coach is the perfect Foundation for any Practice!
  2. Life Coaching is a 2 Billion (with a B) Dollar Industry! Everyone needs a Coach, and these days, folks are actively seeking Life Coaches that can help them!

Life Coaching is a set of skills that is an awesome Foundation for any Practice. Adding these skills to what you already do adds enormous Value to your current practice…

You can also setup your Life Coaching as a separate business, and add an additional stream of income to your current business…

…Or you can Combine you current practice with Life Coaching, and really help clients solve their problems and reach their Goals! This has the dual-benefit of allowing you to niche your practice (“Psychic Life Coach”) and at the same time Greatly Increase the Value of your services (read: you can charge more).

…But Life Coaching Certification Costs Too Much!

It’s true, there are a lot of choices for Certification in this area, as it is an 2 Billion Dollar Industry ….and many courses cost into the thousands of dollars! But fortunately there are Courses that won’t break the bank! 

This is because Life Coaching is an unregulated industry, so while many over-charge for their courses, there are great Master Life Coaches that offer courses that anyone can afford!

Two Life Coaching Certification Courses that I have taken myself, that are a great value, are the Fast Track Life Coaching Course, from my colleague Dr. Steve G Jones, and also the Life-Optimization Coaching program, from Dr. Joe Rubino.

Both are great certification courses, that won’t break the bank, and literally hundreds & hundreds of the our Members, of The Tarot Guild and International Association of Angel Practitioners, have enrolled in these courses over the last 10 years!

Check them both out, and find out which one is a best fit for you – or take them both! …Yup, they are that affordable! …and learning from two master teachers only benefits you in the long run!

Lastly, I want to mention that after you become a Certified Life Coach, you can further Niche your business in various areas. For instance, you could specialize as the “Relationship Psychic Life Coach”, check out Dr. Rubino’s Relationship Coaching Certification Course. …or perhaps Business Coaching – this course is from Dr Jones & Dr Rubino, together!

Dr Jones also has a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner program, with Dr. Joe Vitale, from the movie: “The Secret”! You could also specialize in Self-Esteem, or further niche-down to Self-Esteem for Children!  ….and Dr Rubino has a Certified Self-Confidence Coach program, as well!

In addition to Life Coaching, Two modalities that really compliment any practice as a Professional Psychic or Tarot Reader are Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistics)! NLP is especially powerful, for working with clients, during a Reading – and doesn’t require a formal trance, like Hypnosis. Both are really worth learning however!

You can also set them up as seperate businesses, in addition to your Readings, just like with Life Coaching, and create addition income streams!

The Best Value I have seen, for certification courses in NLP & Hypnosis are from Dr. Jones at: Hypnosis Certified ….They are always priced right! …and as low as $47 each, when on sale – so be sure to click-thru to the purchase page, to see the actual Price!

I have personally enrolled and taken ALL of the courses I am mentioning ….I like to think of it as adding tools, to my Tarot Toolkit!



Full Disclosure: We are affiliates of many of these courses, as well as other courses and products promoted through Psychic Talk Radio, and receive a commission when you enroll. These funds help us keep Psychic Talk Radio On-The-Air, and FREE, for our Listeners! We only recommend courses and products that we have used ourselves, and can fully endorse as a great value for our Followers and Listeners!


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