Characteristics of Psychic Children

by Maria G. Maas

Chances are if you or someone else in your family tree was/is psychic, your children may also inherit these traits. Just like other natural talents that run in families, like musical or athletic abilities, psychic abilities can also be passed down to your children. Similarly, if children are encouraged and given the opportunity to hone these skills, they can be further developed. If for some reason a child is discouraged from utilizing their special gift, it can become more subdued, and in some cases dormant.

Here are some examples of behaviors that might indicate a child is psychic:

  • Fear of the dark or certain places/rooms
  • Emotionally sensitive – feelings easily hurt
  • Empathic – sensing the feelings of others
  • Likes to spend time with and/or takes exceptional interest in elderly people
  • Highly attuned to nature and animals
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Talks about seeing/hearing/sensing the presence of departed loved ones, imaginary friends, angels, etc.
  • Describes physical appearance of a deceased relative they’ve never met
  • Artistically or musically talented or has a strong interest in art and/or music
  • Enjoys spending time alone
  • Sometimes acts shy or becomes overwhelmed when amongst large groups/crowds
  • Demonstrates mental telepathy with people and/or animals
  • Keen instincts – able to size-up people and/or situations
  • Experiences premonitions
  • Experiences pre-cognitive dreams
  • Speaks about memories of a past life
  • Mature for their age/wise beyond their years/seems like an “old soul”
  • Preoccupied with their own thoughts/daydreaming
  • Recalls dreams that occur during sleep with vivid detail
  • Prone to worrying and/or anxiety

Please note that the list above is not conclusive, nor is it in any order of significance. Also, if any of these things become problematic or disruptive to your child’s life for whatever the reason, consult a medical or mental health professional – especially if your child shows signs of being depressed or extremely fearful.

Psychic children will possess the majority of these traits. It is likely that one or both parents will be able to relate to these feelings and experiences from their own childhood and probably still retain many of them as adults. If not, parents should educate themselves about them so that they can better understand what their child might experience.

Parents of psychic children can best support their child’s sensitivities by allowing them to express their feelings and talk about it with them. It is important to help them to understand that some people are just extra-sensitive to energies around them. It’s a blessing and they should embrace their special gifts.

Have you or any of your children exhibited a preponderance of the traits listed above? Is there anything that you would add to the list? Do you have any questions? Do you have a personal story that you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear from you. Please submit your comments/questions below.

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