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Join our Hosts Dr Rose WilkersonSharonah Rapseik, Sue Schumacher, Dax CarlisleMary Brown and Catharine Han, along with the hundreds of our radio Listeners, and Members of The Tarot Guild who have taken this course, and received their Certification in Life Coaching!

The Course is Self-Paced and Online, with 30 Videos Modules! and a 100-page Manual …Dive into the course, and go as slowly or quickly as you like.

Start a whole new business, additional stream of income, or add these valuable skills to your current practice, whether you are a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Medium, Hypnotherapist, or any practitioner….

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95% OFF! Special ….Grab it now,  while it’s still at $39!!

Two Little Known Facts About Life Coaching:

  1. No matter what your primary modalities is: Psychic, Reader, Hypnotherapist, et-al ….Becoming a Certified Life Coach is the perfect Foundation for any Practice!
  2. Life Coaching is a 2 Billion (with a B) Dollar Industry! Everyone needs a Coach, and these days, folks are actively seeking Life Coaches that can help them!

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