Sometimes The Hasty Action is the Right Action!

April 9th, 2018

4+9+2+0+1+8 = 24 = 2+4 = 6

The 6 Energy of the Date means a Day of Nurture and Growth! 6 has moved passed the Chaos of 5, so it’s a good Day to sign contracts and make personal commitments. It’s often a Day your business takes an UP-turn, or a good Day for launching one!

The Knight of Wands agrees! Follow your Passion! You may have been thinking about this for a long time; well sometimes the RIGHT action is the Fast action! What seems hasty now, will bear out as the correct move…

The Hanged Man speaks of Transition and Rebirth. Sometimes sacrificing one thing to obtain another…

The 9 Day reminds us to be sure, as you move forward, that you have cleaned out the closets!Literally and figuratively! You may have to let go of somethings, to move forward and reach you Goal, or at least put them FAR back on the burner, for later.

The Page of Pentacles is meticulous, diligent, studious and eager. The Page of Wands also speaks of following your passion and daring action – like the Knight of Wands; striking out in the World, and exploration.

Make sure you do you due diligence and research as you move forward with this project, then GO-FOR-IT!

9 is also the Number of the philanthropist. 9 is about helping all of humanity. As you follow your passion, how will this create Value for others and solve a problem for many?

Blessings, Dax

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