The Queen of Wands Invites You to Stand Firm, and Assert Your Individuality!

March 28th, 2018

Today is the 28th, which reduces (2+8=10=1+0=1) to “1”. 1 is the Primal Force in Numerology. The beginning of a new cycle. Self and individuality, personal power – The Day of The Magician! …and YOU are the Magic!

Like The Magician, the Queen of Wands wields a wand, and like her black cat, she is very independent – also qualities of the Number “1”. She is balanced in her career and family, strong-willed, and a lover of Life!

The whole Date: March 28th, 2018 reduces (3+2+8+2+0+1+8=24=2+4=6) to a “6”. 6’s are The Nurturers, and this is a Day of Nurturing & Growth. 6 speaks to Hearth & Home, as does the Queen of Wands….

Like The Queen of Wands is in alignment with the Day-Energy of “1”, the Six of Cups is alignment with the Date-Energy of “6”. This is often a card of nostalgia. Childhood issues may even rise up, or you may reacquaint with a friend from the past.  Sometimes you will receive a gift from an admirer. There are new opportunities when the Six of Cups shows up, especially for relationships….

This is a 2 World Year – 2’s are about Relationships, Partnerships, & Choices …Choose what you love and cultivate harmony in your life, home and relationships! It’s a good year to bring in new relationships or spice up current ones.

In the spread, there are Two “2” cards showing up ….You may have choices, regarding close relationships, that need to be made. Perhaps you’re “stuck”, or at a crossroads. The Queen of Wands counsels you to stand Firm, and assert your Individuality & Independence in this situation!

Blessings, Dax

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