Return to Balance and Clear Out the Old to Make Way for the New!

The Death Card Returns!! ….We just had Death, for a Dax’s Dailies, back on March 24th. But I think it’s OK – it’s not coming up too frequently, to get us worried! …LOL

Just kidding! ….But seriously, Hollywood does have the general public worried that every-time this card shows up, it foretells imminent DEATH! …Nothing could be further from the truth. In my experience, it rarely is indicating actual Death — This is the end of a Cycle, a Transition, if you will.

When it does point to physical death, it’s often referring to a recent passing of a loved one, or something similar. In this case, TODAY is a “9” Day (27 = 2 + 7 = 9) …..9 is also the End of a Cycle, so clearly The Death Card appeared to reinforce this.

The entire Date reduces to a “6” (04272018 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6) Nurture and Growth …6 is a return to balance, after the Chaos of 5. Was yesterday a bit hectic for you?

Today things should settle down, and it’s a good time to relax, and pamper yourself – maybe a scented bath? Spa Day anyone?? ….plus getting out in nature; perhaps working on the garden — I was raking leaves and doing other yard/garden work this morning.

6 is the Number if Hearth & Home, so Home and Family should be the focus….

…as you pamper yourself today, and/or spend time with family, or on home projects, it’s a great time to contemplate about what still serves you and what does not.

…As you’re working around the house, yard, etc. take a look, and ponder what do I no longer need? What’s no longer serving you, and just taking up space? Clean out the closets! If you’re finding things you haven’t used or even looked at in 6 months to a year, get rid of them!

Getting rid of clutter! …..If you have been feeling closed-in, or a squeezing off of the Flow of Abundance (that we were working on yesterday), you’ll be surprised how clearing out the Old, makes way for the New!

I often tell my clients, who are wanting to attract in that person-of-their-dreams, to settle down with, that Step #1 is clearing out the clutter! …Do you have a two-car garage, but only room for ONE car!?

What about your closets and drawers? …Make room! …Even worse, do you still have clothes from The Ex in your closets or drawers!?? ….Get rid of THAT!

Now everyone’s life circumstances are different, these are just examples, but you know what I mean! Where can you make room? ….and it’s not just the physical! What Beliefs are no longer serving you? What relationships? What emotional baggage are you holding onto?

Clear it out! …Make Way for The New! ….and let the Flow of Abundance and Prosperity resume!

Blessings, Dax

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