Some Sacrifice is Usually Necessary for Us to Reach Our Goals!

Today’s DATE reduces to a: “9” (4+3+0+2+0+1+8 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9) ….Continuing this Theme we have had over recent Days, of Clearing Out the excess baggage in our Lives.

9 is also the End of a Cycle, which coincides with today being the completion of our First Month, on our new radio network “Psychic Talk Radio”! ….This was the topic of our episode today, on the “Network Party!” show.

Each month, on the last Monday of the month, we will be holding a “Network Party” live on-air, and discuss some of the great topics & guests we had on the shows that month, and let you know what’s in store for the next month…

If you missed today’s broadcast, you can listen anytime, here: …It was a TON of Fun!

9 is also the Number of The Philanthropist, and that is part of our Goal, here at “Psychic Talk” to give back to the community, and to help as many folks as we can!

It’s also a “3” Day (30 = 3 + 0 = 3) …Creativity & Communication. We were certainly in alignment with that, communication, as all the hosts from “Psychic Talk” gathered On-Air together! ..and there is certainly great creativity involved, with the creation of our shows, our topics, guest interviews and everything we do here at “Psychic Talk”.

Even around our “Network Party!” shows, as they evolve. After the show, we were already planning the next, with ideas of what to add to and how improve them!

But the Five of Cups reminds us that Sacrifice is often needed for us to move forward and achieve our Goals. It’s also a Card of Letting Go. What are you willing to let go of, and sacrifice to achieve Your Goals!?

We have many plans & goals here at “Psychic Talk”. We are just getting started! We hit the pavement running, with 14 Hosts and shows 7 Days a Week, from Day #1, a month ago – but this is just the beginning. We want to Double our family of Hosts & Shows. Plus expand our reach, and help even more people, with our Shows, Free Mini-Readings On-Air, and Private Sessions …as well as learning opportunities, in the form of courses and workshops, for those who want to go further, as well as what we present, through our Shows……

….And this all takes a lot of TIME and effort! We have to put somethings on the back-burner, and sacrifice others, in order to reach our Goals.

Blessings, Dax

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