Work On That Project, Then Be Sure To Celebrate Your Accomplishments!

Today is a 6-Day (1 + 5 = 6 — The Nurturer) and the whole Date reduces to The Master Builder Number: 22 (4 – structure). Both 4 & 6 are Numbers of Home. Today is a great Day to get going on the home project!

Redecorating, working in the garden, painting, upgrading, starting or finishing up that “addition”. Business-related projects are also at the forefront, and it’s a good Day for making any long-term commitments, signing contracts, etc.

Remember, as you nurture everyone else around you, helping them all Day, to also take the time to nurture Yourself! 

Set aside time to pamper YOU! …Whatever form that may take! …You might take a scented bath (don’t forget the candles), a walk in nature, a trip to your favorite museum, go down to the beach, a trip to the lake, Spa Day anyone?, or maybe take in the movie you’ve been wanting to see! I had fun seeing The Avengers: Infinity War!

Also …BE SURE to Celebrate Your Accomplishments! …So, after you finish “the addition”, the redecorating, whatever that home project is, invite over your friends and family, and throw a party! Celebrate what you have accomplished!

Have you ever noticed how we dwell on the past, especially past failures. We dwell on the “problems”, but we rarely celebrate the accomplishments …and least not to the same extent we focus on the negative!

Throwing a Party to celebrate, or going out for a special dinner, night on the town – whatever form your idea of celebrating takes – brings us into The Now!

This is a powerful Law of Attraction Ritual, that tells The Universe Hey! I want more of THIS!

Blessings, Dax

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