Friends Special! …Everything is Better with Friends! Grab a Friend, or Two, and Start Your Own Show!

It’s True! …Everything is better with Friends, including your own Radio Show! Grab a Friend (or two) and start your Own Show, here on Psychic Talk Radio! ……..We’re a Family, and you won’t have to go-it alone!

A Friend (co-host, or two) will be able to help with planning shows, booking Guests, and a lot more! ….Plus, if you are a bit nervous about Going On-Air, you can just talk to your friend, and it will go a lot easier …Not to mention make for a much more Dynamic Show!

Having a co-host, or two, allows you to also split on-air duties, such as monitoring Chat and watching the Studio / Caller Switchboard…. You can also split costs!

In fact, we’re running a special! …Two friends can start a show together for Just $47 each, and three friends are Just $37 each!

….and by starting Your Show with Psychic Talk Radio, you get the benefit of our 10 years of broadcast experience, and you don’t have to go-it-alone …We’re with you every step of the way!

….and You Have Options! ….You can start a pre-recorded podcast, a live audio radio show (with each episode becoming a podcast automatically), or even a TV Show, be on-cam with your co-host(s) and have your show simulcasted to Facebook LIVES, which then become videos, for use on YouTube and across the web! *NEW – Check out Our YouTube Channel:

The possibilities are endless! Contact Executive Producer Dax Carlisle to ask questions or to get started!: Send a Message via our Page: (fastest way), or email:

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