Harmony ….”Wisdom of The Soul” with Janice Fuchs, LCSW

Janice Fuchs, LCSW:

There is a kind voice that can guide us to love and appreciation for the Self. Living alone in the ego-mind is terrifying. If we believe without question the thoughts that surface, it can quickly destroy a beautiful day.

The soul, the energy of balance, is precisely what the ego craves. The ego does not want to have this control, and like a child, it feels too powerful and is often scared. Not knowing what direction to go in, it demands perfectionism at any cost.

Our soul knows the ego and understands how to soothe its fear by surrounding the ego-child in love. The soul encourages balance; if the ego brings a worry, the soul carries the perfect outcome. Which one would we like to daydream in?

The soul sees we have been dreaming only with the ego’s guidance, creating endless daymares. The soul guides us to the seed of belief and helps us question its truth and its adverse effects on our bodies and minds.

We do not have to live alone with the ego; we have the balance and love we crave right within. The next time your ego has you stuck in your head, going in endless circles of fear and worry, Listen to the voice that questions the ego’s rationality.

The union of ego and soul creates a beautiful symmetry within and, at last, shared in all your relationships. This union can bring incredible harmony to our world.

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