YOU Are The Host! ….Launch Your Show Today!

Whether you have always wanted to Host your own LIVE Radio Show, or to do a pre-recorded Podcast, or BOTH! …You can do it ALL with us, here at “Psychic Talk Radio”!

You can Host your Own Show, Live, once a month, bi-weekly, or weekly. With a phone bank of 50 Lines, for your Listeners to Call In (if you want to take calls), plus a text Chat.

You can be a Solo Host, OR get one or two of your friends/colleagues to join you as Co-Hosts! It’s even more fun, and easier, when you have co-hosts to help plan out your shows, topics, book guests, and be a sounding board for your discussions. …Plus if you need to take a show off, the Show Goes on, with your co-hosts!

You can also pre-record your Shows, instead of doing them live, as Podcasts. They will be uploaded to our Archive, on the “Psychic Talk” website, and Blog, uploaded to BlogTalkRadio, on our channel, and also on iTunes! ….and Whenever you like, with no limit!

…Most importantly, you don’t have to go it alone! You will have 15 other Hosts (and growing), and Shows 7 Days a Week, promoting you and your show, helping you out, and lending you their years of experience …We are in our 9th year of broadcasting!

You will gain access to our Private Radio Hosts Group on Facebook, for collaboration and networking, and all the assistance you will need!

You will also have a dedicated radio board operator to run the Studio for you, set up your shows, and do all the behind the scenes work – including: creating your banner images for each episode, a Show Post for each episode, Replay Posts, show setup on BlogTalk, uploads, iTunes, linking, promotions to our 14,600+ Followers on Twitter, 100’s of thousands via Facebook, and so much more!

….Plus, you will also get your own Blog and Host Page on our website! Together with your Shows, it is an entire platform to promote You, and your services, products, workshops, etc… Yes, there are many ways to also monetize your show! …including getting paid Sponsors!

…It’s entirely up to YOU! ….The Options are Many, and The Sky is The Limit!

Start Your Journey to Becoming a Host TODAY!

Find Out More Details …Click “Become A Host” at the Top of This Page!

Contact our Executive Producer, Dax Carlisle, to explore all of your options, and get all of your questions answered!

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