The Magician Invites You To Be Magical!

March 21st, 2018


Today The Magician invites you to be Magical!

The Magician takes a Thought, and makes it into Reality! Today is a great Day to set your Intention, as to what you wish to Create!

…But don’t stop there! A Thought without accompanying Action manifests nothing.

Set the Intention, and then take the first steps towards this manifestation. They don’t have to be big …Writing down plans, doing research, experimenting, all count as Action towards the Creation.

Once you start moving, like a GPS, The Universe will find the Way for you! It will start putting the people, places, and things in your path, that can help you get there…

The 21st is also a 3-DayCreativity & Communication. Which aligns perfectly with The Magician Card. Perhaps it’s that book you have always meant to write, or another creative project you need to get started on.

Communication is paramount today. Be careful in your communications, keep a sense of humor, and avoid gossip.

The whole Date: March 21, 2018 reduced to an “8” – Abundance! Today is a Day to be in the Flow of Abundance & Prosperity! You must Allow the abundance in. People think you become rich by hording the wealth, but in reality The Universe doesn’t work that way.

You need to be in The Flow …Money is just an exchange of Energy – The Energy must flow in and out – Then The Universe understands that you want more of this, so more prosperity comes to you!

Abundance isn’t all about Money, however. There are ALL kinds of Prosperity, in your Personal Life, Relationships, and Health, just to name a few. “8” is also about balance in all areas of you Life. Don’t neglect certain areas.

So, in addition to taking a look at your finances, be sure to pay attention to your well-being, on an “8” Day …Nutrition & Exercise.

Over-all, reevaluate your Attitude on Abundance………

Blessings, Dax

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