Mystical Musings: “Angel Tracks”

Tune in tomorrow at 1pm central/2 pm eastern for the July episode of “Mystical Musings with Mary Brown”.

I will be joined by my friend Myst Walker and we will be discussing the concept of what I call “Angel Tracks.”

Angel Tracks are the evidence left behind at the scene of an angelic intervention or appearance.  We will be discussing two examples of this.

The first example is a photo that my friend, Myst Walker took on vacation in Israel, while visiting the Stations of the Cross.  Here is the pic:

The other example is a bruise which I had for 6 months after experiencing a spontaneous angelic healing.  Here is a pic of it:

So join us for this unusual but interesting discussion.  We’d love to hear from anyone who has a similar experience and we will try to answer any questions you may have about our experiences.

Additionally, our Crystal this month is Celestite.

To tune in go to at 1pm central/2pm eastern

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