*New Nighttime Show for The Lovelorn!

Exciting News! The FABulous Tarot Author & Radio Host Kooch Daniels will launching a *New Love Show this month! …and her “Kooch’s Kosmic Kafe” show is moving to a regular time slot, on Sundays!

On the 2nd Sunday every month, it’s: “Kooch’s Kosmic Kafe!” ….which will Air at: 1pm Pacific Time (U.S.) / 4pm Eastern / 9pm London (U.K.)

On the 4th Sunday every month, beginning June 23rd, it’s: “Tarot D’Amour – Nighttime Tarot for Love!” ….which will Air at: 10pm Pacific Time (U.S.) / 1am Eastern / 6am London (U.K.) – Our first late-night show! …Perfect for the late-night lovelorn! ……The show name is also the title of Kooch’s Book: Tarot D’Amour!

Whether you are romantically-challenged, or just need a little Advice, this show is Just for YOU!

Find Upcoming Episodes at: PsychicTalk.net/Love

….and Check Out Kooch’s other Show at: PsychicTalk.net/Kosmic

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