Tap In To Your Psychic Abilities! …8-Module Course & The Power of Hypnosis!

From my friend and fellow Hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones, this new and totally unique system to teach & unlock psychic abilities, using education, meditation and also the Power of Hypnosis!

In this 8-Module Course:

  • The History Of Psychic Power – Here you’ll learn exactly how people began to unlock this phenomenon within themselves.
  • Enhancing Your Psychic Ability Phase One – Using the power of meditation, you will heighten your sense of intuition so your journey can begin.
  • Enhancing Your Physic Ability Phase Two – Using the power of hypnosis, you will now include visualization into the process of your psychic journey.
  • The Art Of Clairvoyance – Discover the five types of clairvoyance and how to experience all of them to the highest degree.
  • Mediumship Mastery – Here you’ll learn the truth about communication with spirits.
  • Essentials Of Psychic Reading – Here I’ll cover everything from tarot cards to numerology to ensure you are covered in every capacity.

And Much More! …………….and all for Less Than $28!

Check it Out Here: Psychic Desire



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