The Founder of “Tarot by Naomi” – Naomi Corbett Kelsall!

This week, on the “Tarot Insider” Show, Hosts Dax Carlisle and Mary Brown welcome their Special Guest: The Founder of the “Tarot by Naomi” Facebook Group, Naomi Corbett Kelsall! Naomi is an accomplished Tarot Reader, who was one day inspired by Spirit to create the Tarot By Naomi Facebook Group, which now has over 18,400 members! 

Join us as we discover her journey with Tarot, and events leading up to the creation of the Group. We will be chatting with Naomi about her Group and her thoughts on Tarot!

In the 2nd half of the show, Dax & Mary took Calls and offered Mini-Readings!

Tarot by Naomi Facebook

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