“The Doctor’s Are IN!” is on Break this Friday! …Returning Friday, October 23rd …Meanwhile, Catch Up on Some Terrific Past Episodes!

Hosts Dr. Rose Wilkerson and Dr. Dax Carlisle are On Break this Friday, October 16th. However, they will Return to the Air-Waves, on Friday, October 23rd with Open Lines, Life Coaching, and Tarot Mini-Readings, along with a discussion on Finding Your “Who, Why & How” to lead you to Your Life Purpose!

Join Us Friday, October 23rd:


Meanwhile, Catch Up on Some Terrific Past Episodes:

Mind Magic! …Hypnosis, Trance, The Subconscious and More!

Wake Back to Bed! …Powerful Lucid Dreaming!

Timing and The Tarot!

Shamanic Journeying… The Middle World!

Adding Numerology to Your Tarot Readings, and Creating Added-Value!

How to Connect with Your True Self and Why!

How to Use Totems to Enhance Your Life! …Unleash Your Super Power!

Life Coaching for Tarot Readers and other Intuitive Practitioners!

Our Weekend Shows are sponsored by The Tarot Guild, the international organization for Tarot Lovers, students and Professional Readers, since 2004!

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