Meghan & Harry ….The Royal Numbers!

The Royal Wedding, last week, was all the media buzz …We even took it for a Psychic Spin, on Saturday’s “Psychic Saturdays” show, with Host Mary Brown and myself! It was a lot of fun – If you missed it, you can catch it anytime at:

Speaking of that Date! ….I wonder if “The Royal Numerologists / Astrologers” had something to say about that! The date reduces to an “8” – Abundance & Prosperity; The Day reduces to a “1” – New Beginnings; and the month & day are a “6” – Hearth & Home / Balance & Harmony!

You couldn’t pick a better Date! ….Errrr – well it WAS “picked” – and you think I am kidding, about the “Royal Numerologist”? Folks, they ALL have them! Joan Quigley was the secret White House Astrologer from 1981 – 1989 …. outed in 1988 by ousted former chief of staff Donald Regan.

J.P. Morgan once famously said that millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do!

On Saturday, May 26th, we are going to take the Royals for another Psychic Spin, on the “Psychic Saturdays” show! …So I thought we’d take a look at Harry & Meghan’s Numerology!

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Prince Harry was born: Henry Charles Albert David, September 15th, 1984 — Meghan Markle Rachel Meghan Markle, August 4th, 1981…..

Here’s an Image with Their Numerology Charts Side-by-Side:

At first glance you can see how many Numbers they have in common, most of which are from the Creativity & Communication Numbers: 3, 6, and 9. There’s a LOT of commonality! TONS of 9-Energy, the Number of The Philanthropist, which they both are!

The 9-Energy wants to help all of humanity. They are often The Old Souls. Harry’s Life Path is “1” (big surprise) – He wants to be “#1” at whatever he does. Meghan is a Life Path 4 – Structure. 4’s are often cerebral, but Ideas can live and die in their heads, whereas the 1’s Take Action! …So this is a good dynamic!

Normally 1’s & 4’s make better business partners than romantic couples, however that’s why we look a the whole Numerology Chart! They both have a 2 Personality – The Peacemaker, The Mediator …They do better in relationships actually. This Number favors marriage, but sometimes can be a bit over-sensitive, and have trouble establishing good boundaries.

Meghan has 4 also as her Birth Day Number, and Harry 6 …Both those Numbers value Home & Family. Their Attitude Numbers are both from the 3, 6, 9 group again – 6 being The Nuturer, and 3 is all about Creativity & Communication – thus Meghan’s previous Life as an actor.

She has 3 as her Intensity Number, as well. Those with Intensity 3 are often the Jokers (and comedians), celebrators of Life – they have a playful quality and are quite social. The 9 is charitable and cares deeply for people. They have a strong sense of wanting to go places, travel.

Meghan is in a Personal Year of 5 – Adventure & High-Energy! …Hey, what could be more of an Adventure, than marrying a royal, and becoming part of the royal family! …But things can spin-off out of control, in a 5-Year, and the Year is not even half way through yet, so keep your eyes peeled! 5 is also the Number of Chaos in Numerology, so the tabloids may have some interesting things to write about!

Harry is in an 8-Year, a Year of Abundance & Prosperity!THAT certainly seems to be panning out, thus far!

Interestingly their Power Name Numbers are the same! He has always been commonly known as: Prince Harry, and she as: Meghan Markle. This is where the Power Name comes from, the “Name” most familiar to people….

Both of these Names reduce to 9 …There is that Philanthropist-Energy again! 9 is also the Number of completion. 9’s are very powerful, with a palpable Energy! Embracing some sort of Spirituality is essential to their serenity. They must also let go of past family issues.

As I mentioned, 9’s have a lot of power, and it is to the 9’s credit that most of them use it wisely, and are a real force for good in the world — and we already see that, with this couple!

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