Rx For Readers! …Tips for Self-Care!

Tarot Readers, Energy Healers, and other metaphysicians spend a great deal of time helping others find solutions, achieve balance and receive guidance. But, what do they do in order to maintain their energy and stay grounded so that they can help others? Do they do anything special before, during, after, or even between their readings? How do they “stay connected” so they can receive the information their clients are seeking?

To find out, we asked several practitioners to share some of their “reader self care” tips with us. Here is what they had to say:


“Consciously grounding your energy can be done simply by putting both feet firmly on the ground (no crossing legs) and setting the intention that your energy is firmly connected with Mother Earth.  At the same time ask your angels or guides to anchor your awareness to the highest purpose for giving your reading and to keep you safe from harm.”

Kooch Daniels – Author of “Tarot d’Amour,” Host of Kooch’s Kosmic Kafe on Psychic Talk Radio.  www.psychictalk.net/kooch


“To gain access to the tremendous knowledge of our Higher Self, we must quiet the mind that “thinks” so we can listen to the part that “knows.” To assist you in concentrating on your question, you should visualize the situation in your mind’s eye. If you are too emotionally attached to the situation you should visualize The High Priestess as you shuffle the cards. Knowing that she exists only to help you and answer your every question, pose your question without any attachment to the answer you will receive. Desire only the truth and not the answer you would like to see.”

Monte Farber – author, along with his wife Amy Zerner, of “The Enchanted Tarot”, “Instant Tarot”, and “The Enchanted Love Tarot” www.montefarber.com


“I hold my celestite angel stone in my hand before a reading and call in my angels.  Actually I hold the stone during the reading too.  If I have to put it down to shuffle or type something I will pick it up again.  I feel the angels around me and they send me messages and answers.”

Jean Maurie – Angel Communicator, www.angelsloveyou.com


“One thing that I find works as a way of clearing the energy after a reading is to wash my hands. It is often something I do before as well – in respect of keeping the cards clean but also as getting myself in the zone for a session. After a reading, I will wash my hands and imagine the energy of the reading flowing away and down the plug hole. A bit like how a doctor washes their hands between patients. Of course, if you are at a fair reading one person after another, this isn’t always possible, though you could use hand wipes as a ritual between each one. Personally, it helps to wash the difficulties of the reading away.”

Steven Bright – “Spirit Within Tarot” deck creator and author www.stevenbright.co.uk


“I take three long, slow breaths and visualize white light shining down on me as I set the intention that this reading will be for the highest, greatest good of all involved. Sometimes I also visualize that white light washing away any accumulated negativity after the reading if it was a troubling one.”

James Ricklef– Tarot reader, author of many Tarot books “The Souls Journey” and “Tarot Spreads –Get the Whole Story”  www.jamesricklef.wordpress.com

“Here is what I do before and after my sessions for self-care.  It’s easy, quick, no supplies required, restorative and waters your heart.   It also directs wellness, peace, and protection for clients.  It helps me feel protected, grounded, as well as bestowing a blessing on myself and others.  I set aside a few minutes in a quiet space and settle in.  I visualize and feel peace, protection surrounding me and inside me as I open my heart and the space around it.  I repeat this Metta Meditation/Prayer/Sutta or what is often referred to Loving Kindness Meditation at least three rounds for myself and three for my clients: “May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease. May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease.”

Maggie Lukowski – reader, spirit channeler, and assertiveness coach www.maggiemoontarot.com


“Think of yourself as a straw; a conduit of energy. Ground yourself to earth and connect to heaven, and run that sacred energy through you. Don’t give anything of yourself, and don’t take on anything from the client. Use the limitless universal energy to which you are connected to do your work.”
Christiana Gaudet – Tarot Grandmaster, author “Fortune Stellar” and “Tarot Tour Guide” www.christianagaudet.com


“I start my day with a 5 minute Reiki self treatment and I use a Reiki technique to do a heart to heart reading with my clients. I ask my clients to place their hands over their heart while I do the reading.”
Sharonah Rapseik – creator and teacher of Angel Reiki Online Course, tarot reader, aromatherapist, Psychic Talk Radio Host


Psychic Saturday” Radio Show hosts Dax Carlisle and Mary Brown shared their reader self care tips on the air – on the Saturday, July 20th episode of their Psychic Saturday Show!

***As a bonus treat for listeners, Sharonah Rapseik was our guest on the episode! She shared her 5 minute Reiki Self Treatment meditation and her heart to heart reading technique! 

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