Special Guest Kooch Daniels on Mystical Musings with Mary Brown

So excited to have author and radio host Kooch Daniels on this month’s episode of Mystical Musings with Mary Brown!

Kooch, host of the popular radio show Kooch’s Kosmic Cafe on the Psychic Talk Radio Network, is the author of the book Tarot D’Amour

February is all about the love and on this episode of the Mystical Musings Show it is about The Mystical Side of Love!

Kooch will be popping in at the beginning of the show to share some of her insights, tell us a bit about how her book can help us to explore our love life by using Tarot cards, and give us a heads up about what’s coming up on her show too! Then, I will share some of my stories and take your calls!

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Show starts at 1pm Central/2pm EST/11AM PST/7PM London UK

You can listen live by going to psychictalk.net/live or listen later in archive.

You can also find the show on BlogTalkRadio

Hope to see you in the chatroom!

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