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Turn Toward The Angel Within – not against!


At times we have turned against ourselves, mad for things we wish we had more control over, and when we don’t, we are not content. Little and big disappointments turn toward injuring the self with blame.
This self-attacking pattern can be subtle and cause mild irritations, creating habits of actions that we also do not like—thoughts and actions reflecting self-blame. The attack of the mind is consuming and distracting us from living our free lives.
The inner wise self, when turned toward, has a loving view of you and helps with healing the slightest grievance you may hold. This loving energy enables you to see that these patterns are not as detrimental as they feel and that nothing can ever injure the authentic self. The antidote for self-attack big and small is the wealth of love that lives within to soothe and settle the attacking mind.
Attack met with this love in being intercepts this pattern and can be used whenever needed. Allow your soul energy to soothe and heal these patterns that seem so ingrained and watch them fade away.
Happy Monday!
~ Love & Light, Janice
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