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The Sound of Silence!

The deafening cry of the ego- this is what we hear most often—the voice of protection for our human body. We can’t blame the ego or get rid of the ego, but the loving voice helps us understand and have compassion for its humanness.
It’s need to protect by dictating a life of perfectionism, to be so flawless in every aspect, and accumulate all its wants will keep it safe from destruction. This is the ego’s goal to protect us, and it is understandable, but the ego only sees part of our gifts.
The soul brings a balance and a knowing that we are always safe no matter what happens to our body. We are perfect; nothing can distort or take away from perfect love, and perfect love cannot be destroyed and needs nothing to grow.
Listen instead of the ego’s thoughts; listen to the perfect silence of your love. Feel the knowing, the compassion, and deep love for you in this human journey.
~ Love & Light, Janice
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