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This Monday, Janice has an article for you:

Innocent Thought!

Hurtful thoughts were taught to me, were said to me, were learned by me and often repeated and innocently believed by me.

My mistaken belief in painful thoughts causes them to be ever-present docking in my mind. Thoughts spiral into feelings that cement them true. I think it; I feel it; therefore, this must be true.

I am not good enough turns into I don’t feel good enough translates back to a false truth- I am not enough.

We don’t have control over thoughts that float into the mind, but we can decide to no longer repeat them or believe in them. This withdrawal of belief leaves us in a beautiful space of peace and presence—a place of knowing and knowledge—a place of heightened intuition and wisdom.

A place where you can see right through these beliefs and now know for a fact that no hurtful thought is true or could ever hurt you.

This presence allows you to feel the truth- that anything that has felt impossible is possible, and there is so more to see, hear and know than the limited mind wants you to believe.

Allow the current of this knowledge to help any hurtful thought float away and let the presence of your beautiful soul- stay.

~ Love & Light, Janice
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