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This Monday, Janice has an article for you:

Know Thyself…

The more we know thyself, the clearer it becomes to see what we have access to from the fullness of the limited to the vastness of the unlimited.
There is nothing more enlightening and relieving than knowing we are much more than these thoughts and feelings that we are greater than the sum of these parts.
As we dive into thoughts and feelings with the full self, we can feel ourselves move past them and into something much more significant. Thoughts and feelings are explored but not given the final say or importance.
Most of my limiting beliefs about myself have been wrong, and it is the best thing to be continually wrong about – it is welcomed. As my whole self evaporates the beliefs of the limited self, a new energy inside grows in awareness.
It is not the ego but an explorer in a new world filled with more terrain to ever explore. There is a feeling of unlimited potential- time and inclusiveness. This inclusiveness is always the tip-off that is not the ego trying to be special again.
It is the oneself feeling the beauty and appreciation of what the limited self experiences and feeling into the connectedness of life.
~ Love & Light, Janice
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