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This Monday, Janice has an article for you:

Beautiful YOU…
The mind does not like to hear too many compliments. It is too busy immersed in your limitations. It wants to keep you alert and safe, and this is its most significant distraction.
We are much more than our body and mind, and when we feel this for ourselves, the stress of all these inadequacies falls away.
We don’t have to escape or distract from the mind when we feel the I that lives within. Thoughts and feelings are easily understood and accepted as they are no longer true or hold any power.
Living within the essence of the beautiful you, the unlimited and abundant YOU take its place.
Here you know the sun- even when it is pouring rain.
This stability in your essence is filled with the most glorious love and appreciation for the body and mind. Knowing your fullness and perfect love soothes the body’s limitations.
We are the artist- painting our life, choosing each gorgeous color and picturesque scene -watching our creation come alive before us. With love and appreciation for our work, we gaze at our masterpieces forevermore.
~ Love & Light, Janice
❤ ❤ ❤
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