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This Monday, Janice has an article for you:


We look for stability in an ever-expanding world and also in our inner world- always seeking.
With life being everchanging in nature, our inner world follows suit- our thoughts and feelings constantly changing, coming and going.
We wish we could hold onto the joy and let the sorrow go quickly, but it seems the opposite.
It can feel like a lack of control in our inner and outer world, searching for the next thing to give us peace and a sense of stability.
Our seeking can come to a beautiful end when we find this peace, happiness, and stability within. The authentic YOU lives in the space between the thoughts and feelings- quietly and contently observing. Living more in this space, you feel your stability and love.
Detaching with love from the mind fills the moment with understanding, knowledge, and appreciation. Take a break from the drama in the mind and spend time getting to know the authentic YOU.
When we do this and then turn back to our lives, we never go back the same again. We bring the beautiful knowing of who we are and our eternal nature, which soothes a frightened mind.
~ Love & Light, Janice
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