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This Monday, Janice has an article for you:


100 Beautiful Words…


Your Soul is delivering 100 or more words of love and admiration to YOU every second of each day. These words hold your perfect energy of love always being conveyed to you. Do you hear them? Feel them?
The ego speaks, but the words are born from fear and your scarcity. Words of our failures can ruin an entire day if we do not realize the ego does not speak the truth, only fear. Words hold energy and will only hurt us if we take hold of them, consider, and believe them.
The energy that encases the words from your Higher Self restores your body and mind. Higher words are not just words, but healing packs of love applied directly to the injuries from the child’s harsh words.
Our words to ourselves and others can hurt or heal. The Soul makes feeling and hearing them more accessible, and they no longer feel like a lie. The words that speak of your love, worth, abundance, and completeness can be taken in and not rejected by a child.
For every harsh word uttered by the ego, ask the Soul to give its replacement for your healing and truth. Once you feel and remember who you are, you will never forget.
!00 beautiful words of energy basking within for YOU.
~ Love & Light, Janice
❤ ❤ ❤
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