The Acceptance of The Human Self! …”Wisdom of The Soul”

The “Wisdom of The Soul” Show, with Host Janice Fuchs, LCSW   …Connecting to Universal Love and Wisdom through your Connection to Your Soul!

The Acceptance of The Human Self….
We will never be perfect enough in the ego-mind, and the stress of that knowledge creates coping patterns that we hate- overeating, drinking issues, workaholism, the list goes on. We shouldn’t blame ourselves for living in such a conflict.
The world says we need to be perfect to be ok and the ego is based on that harmful belief. We can see why we try so hard to achieve the unachievable. It is an inherent setup for failure.
The way out of a painful mind system is to use it for a higher purpose; this can create beauty and harmony in the mind. To see our imperfections- out-of-control coping mechanisms and love ourselves anyway.
To embrace these mess-ups, so-called failures, and disappointments and love ourselves through them. Love invites love to move past the hatred of ourselves for how we cope and live.
The Soul does not believe in your unworthiness, so it will not be found in crazy expectations. It can be found in your love and forgiveness of the Self, who cannot be perfect enough for this world.
Meet your unconditional loving Self. Here is what you are looking for in a world with no ability to give it to you.
Go past this superficial world view and into the higher energy of YOU- where you feel the unconditional love that never lets any belief or demand keep love away from YOU.
In the energy of your Soul, it feels so good to be truly accepted, deeply loved, and admired for being YOU- no matter how human that gets.

~ Love & Light, Janice

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