Where Do You Turn? …You’ve Always Had The Power!

The “Wisdom of The Soul” Show, with Host Janice Fuchs, LCSW   …Connecting to Universal Love and Wisdom through your Connection to Your Soul!

Where Do You Turn?
When the ego mind gets the best of you, where do you go with your anger and frustration? How do you respond to yourself? We can use the ego’s frustrations and limitations as our reminder to respond to ourselves or others with loving compassion and ask for its more profound meaning in our life.
Every time we respond with our love rather than our judgments, we move closer to the Soul and remembering its infinite wisdom. The judgments of ourselves or others only create more separation and fear and take us further from the oneness of who we are and further from the vastness of our love.
The ego is in stark contrast to the loving Soul, and it is through life experiences, we get to choose to remember and feel who we indeed are or get stuck in the limited hurtful belief system of the ego.
All our experiences have been the perfect contrast for us to remember, which was its purpose all along. When we discover the depth of our love through our experience of self-condemnation, we vibrationally begin to match our Soul, now able to feel its presence more fully in our life.
The Soul lights up our pathway with markers of love throughout our life to help us find our way back to our loving and magnificent home. For if every judgment of you is replaced with love, you can not help but awaken the beautiful wisdom and love that has been inside you all along.
Like the famous line in The Wizard of Oz by Glinda, the good witch; “You have always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”
No wonder why those words resonate with us. It triggers a memory of the extraordinary and utter truth of who you are and the power and love within YOU to find- once more.

~ Love & Light, Janice

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