In The Soul’s Context! …”Wisdom of The Soul”

The “Wisdom of The Soul” Show, with Host Janice Fuchs, LCSW   …Connecting to Universal Love and Wisdom through your Connection to Your Soul!

In The Soul’s Context!

The words we hear and say to the self are in the context and influence of the ego. Each word is unfortunately believed and imbued with such power. These beliefs have not come out of thin air; they are the beliefs of a misguided world. An environment that holds perfectionism over the well-being of the self. These beliefs have great power over us, causing much distress and pain.

When we ask for our higher self to help, it puts this world, the ego, and its beliefs in context, a context that we so desperately crave. With this shift into a more profound remembering and understanding, we can now adjust the power of the ego’s words by merely realizing that it is coming from a child.

If a young child tells you how bad you are, you would look at the child and smile- perhaps, hug it before sending it off to play. You would not take in any of the energy from those words. We know the value from where they are spoken and can let them go.

The higher self helps you see yourself in a much broader and loving meaning than the child of your ego. This is good news- we can identify who has gotten our ear- a child. This recognition supports our move closer to the power in higher thought.

We can now listen to the child with love and understanding, hearing out all its fears and anxieties while knowing how loved and taken care of this child is and always has been. The child feels the love and compassion from the higher self and settles down quite quickly. This allows the soul room to expand in the love and support you offer to you and others.

When we are back in our lives’ beautiful context, we return to words filled with the warmth of your love, your compassion, and your understanding for the small self.

It is in this setting; you have infinite patience and understanding. You can adjust to the child’s expectations, knowing it is in a more glorious context of all the talents and abilities bought forth from your Soul, turning your small self into the magic of being the gifted YOU.

~ Love & Light, Janice

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