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The “Wisdom of The Soul” Show, with Host Janice Fuchs, LCSW   …Connecting to Universal Love and Wisdom through your Connection to Your Soul!

Signature of Love!

Our soul energy is love, and if we would like a closer relationship to this vast creative abundant energy, then we have to find our way to it. This would seem like an easy thing to do; however, it can feel like this connection is lost- or doesn’t even exist with the ego’s concentrated thought-form.
The ego, the land of the “shoulds,” is NOT measuring your worth by what you love but rather by how productive and how much worldly success you have in your life.
If we want a closer relationship to this higher unlimited energy, we have to jump into the power of our love. What does that mean? We become our love, not our ego. If we begin to think about or talk about all the things we love, big and small, and even make a list, we begin to feel better, unlike the ego’s list, which often feels overwhelming.
What do you love? Do a review of your beautiful life experience thus far; what filled your heart, touched you profoundly, bringing love and kindness to YOU – this is your soul’s signature.
Writing or thinking about what you love, who you love- brings you into the awareness of your soul energy. This is how we recognize our beautiful energy.
Talk about what you love, do what you love, speak lovingly and kindly to the self; this helps us feel our uniqueness, creating more through the higher vibrations. Then we can use the ego only as a springboard to bring us back to our passions.
It is easy to mistake our love- list for what the ego wants us to do, so be careful you aren’t writing what you believe you should want to do instead of what you truly love to do.
The ego list does have a place, we don’t ignore it, but when we are full of our love, it is easier to do because we come from a higher position, which allows us to be very productive, insightful, and intuitive.
What signature do you want to sign with today, the ego or the soul? Choose today to come from the soul love that is your unique expression of YOU.
In connection, you will feel how your signature of love resonates for all of eternity.

~ Love & Light, Janice

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