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Our ego is filled with such fearful content. The culture of our family and society fills it with ideas and beliefs meant for our good has turned against us. The need for perfectionism and wealth puts us on paths we don’t want to be on or belong. The ego gets more demanding, not less, when we give it what it wants. Like a child insatiable and never happy with what is happening.
When we withdraw belief in its content, we have the time to feel this authentic self that is pleased with what is and who you are- not a complaint to be found, only love and compassion for the joyride the ego has taken us on.
This withdrawal from the ego leaves us free and able to be ourselves filled with Love, intuition, and a connectedness with others that the ego would never consider.
See the ego for what it’s worth, holding ideas about you that are false, only critical or hurtful. It is easy to dismiss comments from others that we know not to be true- when we see the ego is not true- we can also easily walk away. I don’t believe anymore in the evaluative nature of the voice that says I am not good enough, and now what am I left with?
What remains is Love and compassion for the self that was so wrong about so many things. The self that thought the ego was the yellow brick road only to find it was all a hoax. The ego means no real harm man-made from our lives has been brought to the light of day.
Today with no more fighting or pleasing the ego, you can now sink into your soul feeling what is actually YOU. Hearing the wisdom that fits your life layered not in complaints but love—accessing intuition that brings you back to what you genuinely love and would like to do or no longer do. A knowing that further helps you understand the once complicated ego.
I once believed in the ego and now can see it only took me further from the authentic me.
Happy Monday!
~ Love & Light, Janice
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