May The Fourth Be With You! …Don’t Miss Out On Opportunities!

May the 4th Be With You! ….It’s Star Wars Day! Doesn’t is look like The Magician is holding up a Lightsaber in that Card!??

….Well, I’ve always thought that, but – then again – I have been a huge Star Wars Fan for longer than I have been into Tarot & Numerology!! …Hard to believe it’s been 41 Years! …Shhhhhhh!

Ha! I also love it when the card I pull for the Dailies is the same number as the Day or Date, reduced! 4 is the Number of Structure, and on this 4-Day, it’s time to work on a stable Foundation for you, and your family. A strong foundation and security go a long way! …and The Four of Wands shows up to confirm this.

This is the most caring and nurturing thing you can actually do, as indicated by the Queen of Pentacles. The Date, a 2-Day, is in alignment with The Queen. Your Intuition will guide you …2 is also the Number of Relationships, Partnerships, Cooperation- and here we have the Two of Wands showing up!

…but as your work on a strong foundation and secure future, beware of holding on too tight, and missing out on New Opportunities! The Magician and Two of Wands suggest there are new opportunities available, and you can wield your lightsabererrr, have the power to manifest this!

Blessings, Dax

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