Soul Groups With A Higher Purpose!

I got an interesting email today, with a Question on Numerology!:

I’ve been looking into numerology for some time now for my own personal curiosity. I was born January 25th, 1983 and have the number 11. This year my nephew was born on February 9th and calculating his number I got 22. 

Curious to see who else had a master number I calculated my mother is an 11 and her father is an 11. I could not go further as no one had the birthday information for past generations.

Is this an unusual circumstance of generations having commonality or is this not seen as a big deal? I’m not sure if there is a deeper meaning or if I’m just looking into it in too much depth
Any insight would be valuable and thank you for your time. ~ Reynaldo 

Here’s My Response: 


Hey Rey! ….Thanks for the email. Yes – it’s VERY interesting, that there are so many Master Number Life Paths in your family. It’s not typical, but also not super unusual either …..Meaning: Yes, it’s “rare” to happen, but not unheard of – as this DOES happen with many “Soul Groups” — Members of the same family are often in the same “Soul Group”, and some of these “groups” are here for a higher purpose — they come to the material realm in a group, to affect change and enlighten the rest of us!

Master Number 11 is The Master Illuminator Number, and that is their purpose – to teach Higher Concepts and Knowledge. 22 is The Master Builder Number, and they are here to assist the 11’s to accomplish this. …ALL Master Number Life Paths are rare, but Master Number 11’s are more frequent, 22’s are more rare than 11’s, and 33’s are even MORE rare, than both!
33 is The Master Healer/Master Teacher Number — as the title implies, they are here to HEAL, but also teach, like the Master Number 11’s, just on a much GRANDER scale! I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a Master Number 33, or two, in your Soul Group – In fact, it’s highly likely — However, remember that although “Soul Groups” usually contain many family members, not ALL of the members of your “Soul Group” will actually be found IN your biological family…..
Take a look at others who are close to you and/or your family. See if any of their Life Path’s are 33’s ….They “may” be other members of your “Soul Group”!
….In addition, I want to point out that 11 + 22 = 33 ………….A Master Number 11 working, with a Master Number 22, elevate their combined energies to that of a 33 – and will be able to accomplish a great deal – in both Healing and Teaching, to the Masses!

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