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This Monday, Janice has an article for you:

Choosing YOU…

We can know a new belief system from within, coming from 100 percent love instead of the old beliefs that come from 100 percent fear. The ego’s job is to protect, but it bases its protection on the foundation of fear.
It is like getting advice from a negative, controlling friend who always points out the possible hurdles and why what you want to do in your life is not a good idea.
A friend that always hints at your inadequacies and imperfections. A friend that dashes your hopes and dreams and labels them as unattainable. A friend that depletes you and sucks the life energy out of you.


Going within choosing the unconditional loving friend. The one that is happy for you when you are happy- one that is excited for you when you are excited. One that jumps aboard any plan you have in mind.
A friend that sees no threat or competition in you only shares love and laughter through the connection. One that inspires and energizes you to be more of the authentic you.
Why would we choose the negative friend? Sadly, we often do; we have forgotten we have this choice. We do not have to believe anything the ego-mind shares regarding our own self-evaluation.
We can choose again, and when the critical friend shows up, we can simply walk away to the loving friend with an energy that consists of nothing but love for YOU.
~ Love & Light, Janice
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