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This Monday, Janice has an article for you:

The Soul’s Love is With You!

It is a wondrous feeling to experience the Soul in your being. You feel yourself fill with feelings of love, happiness, worth, gratitude, and a new wisdom among other extraordinary feelings and experiences. There is no longer any great need for anything to be different.
The pieces of your life’s puzzle feel like they fit and you know you will continue on in your life in a very different way. This new experience you now want for everyone because you know the suffering of ego-child.
It doesn’t mean there won’t be instances that the ego gets the better of you; it just means when it does you know exactly what to do and where to turn.
Going within choosing the unconditional loving friend. The one that is happy for you when you are happy- one that is excited for you when you are excited. One that jumps aboard any plan you have in mind.
When the ego-child grabs your attention and pulls you out of your Soul-love, remember to offer the situation or thoughts to love.
I can love these thoughts, and this intention alone brings the Soul back into your experience. Don’t fight with your thoughts, judge them or be mad at yourself for having them, everyone has this internal struggle.
No matter what the unwarranted object on my plate, I can ask my Soul to help remove my thoughts about it so that I can flow with it instead of fighting it. It is in this flow of life that the right situations and opportunities come to me and I am present enough to recognize its significance.
When you experience this relief from your Soul even for a moment, you will never want to go back to your old thoughts again. In love, you will feel your essence that has always been present, guiding and keeping you company for every breath you take.
Thanks for reading and sharing my practice!
~ Love & Light, Janice
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